Ohio University Visit

During his Ohio university visit,  the President, Barack Obama, spoke to a crowd of students on Wednesday. His speech was a follow up to the presidential debate which took place last week between Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney. Obama stood in front of a 14,000 people crowd and asked for their votes. He said he was not too proud to beg and he explained that he asks for the votes because he believes in the continuity of the Democrat party in office.

The president spoke about the importance of college tuition, the economy, women’s rights, the energy and how he will be taking over this issues as a main priority in his upcoming government. He dismissed Romney’s speech in a 30 minute talk in which he explained the faults of his opponent’s proposal. He also claimed that Romney’s jobs plan doesn’t really create jobs and, in fact, it will be prejudicial to college students which are looking for their first jobs.  

Obama focused on the fact that he doesn’t believe that the Republican Party actually stands for people and he explained how he think issues such as women’s rights are not important for his opponents.  He then proceeded to ask students for a conscious vote instead of a “Boo-vote”. 

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